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Sunday started off wet - we were not due on track for qualifying until midday though, and did not book anymore track time, soa lazy start saw us arriving at the pits about 10.30am. After a wonder around the paddock area snapping away, we returned to prepare for qualifying. This would be 30 minutes of free running, where Seven Mania had the track to ourselves. I think this was my favourite bit of the weekend as far as track time went. I was one of the first out and had a pretty clear track for most of the session, and could really get into a rhythm.

Sunday morning and we are back in the pits. Lots of waiting around for the qualifying session. We had 30 minutes of the track to ourselves to set a best time.


Waiting....  although wet in the morning (when we could have paid for track time with Piston Club again) the track gradually dried out and qualifying was dry, as was the race later.

Caterham VVC - ACB10's, our 1.6 Supersport - A0 48r's, and a Caterham HPC with slicks.

Preparation and the usual interest when ever someone takes a bonnet off!

And off we go - Holger heads out of the pitlane in his R400 spec Caterham.

Seven Mania had worked out a class system for the race, based on power/weight. In the list of entrants we were only 4 up from the bottom - our Supersport has about 140 PS and weighed about 560kg on the day. Below us were 2 cars with 135 PS, and one with 90 PS. Above us many more powerful cars with up to 230 PS.

And off we go!!

Obviously some of my lap times were simply too long for my unofficial time keeper!

All of a sudden it was over - a few hours later the results were published - here I am studying my form! Full results can be seen on the next page, but I was really pleased with 19th out of 35 and a best time of 03.00.01

That being said I was really pleased to have qualified 19th out of 35 cars, with a best time of 03.00.01 This was good enough for fastest time in my class.Fastest time went to Joachim with 02.40.02 - but I was 10 only 10 seconds away from 6th place. Excuse the boasting, but I was proud of this and the fact that several people commented on my pace, and were surprised when told I only had a standard Supersport and no slicks. It is always nice to hear such things from ones peers. (Incidentally, most people seemed to fit slicks - more than any other track day I have been on - and you can see from the pictures I will post on the website that many of the cars were raced normally as well - ours was one of only 2 or 3 'standard' cars it seemed.) Once again the friendly pit was apparent with everyone congratulating and supporting each other. The circuit officials passed on their approval to Seven Mania and told them the on-track behaviour was first rate and remained gentlemanly throughout the whole weekend.

And then it was more waiting - the sun was out by now and everyone was obviously nervous about the race to come, just quietly pacing and chatting.

I'm sure Mr Skotarek is putting some sort of magic fuel in his Caterham VVC from those red, yellow and blue petrol cans!!

This beautifully prepared VM was one of the quickest cars on the track, with its 280bhp Supercharged Ford 2l engine.

Unfortunately this car had an incident in the race itself and suffered frontal damage - the owner was fine, but I expect he was upset about damaging his car which he obviously has a great deal of pride for - I hope the re-build goes well and that we see him again in the future.

HKT GTS with 220bhp cools off in the pits.

Here I am with Tessa relaxing between qualifying and the race. A beautiful sunny sunday afternoon for my race debut!

Eau Rouge waited!!