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 The section from Hohe Acht to Brunnchen was for me the hardest to remember initialy. A series of left-right-left-right sweeps all seem to blend into one. For the first couple of laps you manage to remember roughly what happens to the track - long straight, lots of downhill tight bends - loooooong uphill section, Karussell - then it all goes blank!

      The most well known corner at the Ring - the Caracciola-Karussell

       The Karussell - enter on the left, exit on the right of the picture

Reverse shot looking back onto the first half of the corner. The concrete paving surface of the curve is surprisingly bumpy when you first drive into it.

This is roughly what you see from the car. Its obvious where you enter the banking - the car just drops into it, but once in you must stay in! Popping out early will seriously unsettle the car.

Audi's are back. The banking looks quite wide in scale with these cars on it. When actually driving it I think it feels alot narrower.

Surprisingly violent when you go round this at speed. The banking obviously makes the corner far quicker than it would normally be.

  Karussell surface detail - and why it feels so bumpy!

Second half of the loop, and off up towards Hohe Acht.

You pop out of the banking just where the concrete slabs end, passing over the top right corner of the last slab and bleeding back onto the level track. the corner does tighten slightly as you go around it, but you accelerate through. By the end of a long day lapping you could feel the physical effort required to keep the car within the banking as you went faster and the corner got tighter - but its a great feeling! If you think this one is bumpy though, wait until you hit the Kleine Karussell at an even faster speed later in the lap!

Reverse shot looking back down towards the exit from the Karussell, just around the corner on the left.

From the Karussell you sweep up towards Hohe Acht. Note the frost still on the track, off the racing line that the Audi's have been driving. Just around the corner the track rises with a quick left - right....

...before the final tighter right hand bend shown here, again with a heavy frost.

The uphill bit just before this right hander is a section where I certainly got a lot quicker as confidence grew with track knowledge. The camber on the uphill left-right really helps the car and actually you can go through it a lot quicker than you first think.

Reverse shot looking back around Hohe Acht. the gate on the right is the top of the Steilstrecke, so you can see how much of a short cut blasting up the test hill would be!

Marshal post 154 tells me this is Hedwigshohe. I had to check because this is the section which can all begin to look the same! Lots of left-right-left-right corners, and initialy I was slowing before each bend, unsure what was coming next. Conversely, as I did more laps, this was probably one of the sections where I improved the most as it became more familiar.

This picture might be in the right place, but I cannot be sure! It could be that it is supposed to come before the one above and is the entrance into Hedwigshohe?!

Wippermann - one of the reasons this section can seem difficult is the light. Lots of overhanging trees produce large areas of shadow,  particularly on a sunny day, which can add to the confusion!

Pretty sure this is us driving around the same corner at Wippermann in the summer of our first visit.

Reverse shot looking back through Wippermann. You can see the trackside path that we have just cycled along.

Driving the same bit of track. Really gives the impression of the swooping, sweeping nature of the Ring in this section. Get it right and it flows wonderfully!

Wippermann - Eschbach. Enter right, exit left.

One thing you will notice when you first see the track is the amount of writing and slogans thathave been painted onto the surface by the race fans. where ever there is easy access to the track (pretty much everywhere) you will find all sorts daubed onto the tarmac. I'm sure it has no affect on a car in the wet - not sure if gloss paint and a wet surface might affect a bike though?

Another great Ring shot - a blind crest disappearing around a blind corner! In this case the Wippermann section ending and entering Eschbach. 

5 Series BMW cornering hard through Wippermann and into Eschbach. This one was 4-up and obviously knew what he was doing!